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Information Technology is considered the ‘Super Power’ of our times and rightly so. Information and free-flowing data is governed our lives and accessing this pool of data at the right time with the right perspective and being able to derive insights from it makes an enterprise powerful, relevant, and updated.

Under the realm of IT, the massive number of tools and methodologies that oversee the procurement, usage, and security of this information is now required by small and big firms. Technology then becomes a way of our life, a philosophy that goes beyond mere tools. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, we are witnessing a present that we never dreamt of.

HARTRON is constantly striving to present the right tools, methods, and strategies that take the state of Haryana to a global level of excellence when it comes to technology. We want to empower everyone so that they can contribute and aid in optimizing information exchange in our State. Being a pioneer in Information Technology, HARTRON has numerous prestigious projects to its credit. The Voter Identity Cards Projects in India were first undertaken by Haryana and it became the largest database application in the country. Details of Voters along with their photographs were recorded and maintained with a projected accuracy of 98% making it a stellar success.