HARTRON adopted its CSR Policy on 26 th March, 2015 during its 139 th Board Meeting. The objective is to enhance value creation in the community  via services, conduct & initiatives and offer continued growth for the society. HARTRON is a Socially Responsible Corporate which pays immense heed to the environment. In order to grow in CSR initiatives, certain key areas were identified & adopted:

  • IT Literacy
  • EducationHealth
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Women Empowerment
  • Rural Development
  • Eradicating hunger, poverty, malnutrition

In the year 2014-15, Corporation had a CSR budget provision of Rs. 13.98 lacs (Calculated as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 – 2% on the average profit of 2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15 of the Corporation).

Over the years, HARTRON has worked in the following areas towards achieving the aforementioned objectives:

HARTRON introduced the E-literacy program in Haryana being the IT nodal agency for the State. The aim is to bridge the digital divide between the citizens and in the first year of the CSR initiative, Village Rajjipur Dist of Panchkula was chosen to benefit from the program. The residents of Surajpur were also targeted and the inauguration took place in Panchkula on 07.07.15 by Sh. Vivek Atray.


About the Training Process:

  1. The course in Panchkula consisted of basic computer learning and 20 hours of Level I learning was imparted to the candidates. The training was done through CSC-VLE while the tests were conducted by Haryana Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (HKCL). Out of 151 candidates trained, 72
    qualified in the tests and were certified by HARTRON & HKCL.
  2. Age Group of Candidates – 14 to 60 Y/O

Below are the CSR Funds available to HARTRON year-wise:

Year Provision Expenditure Available
2014-15 13,98,128 13,98,128
2015-16 18,99,416 9,00,872   9,98,544
2016-17 19,29,341    44,407 18,84,934
Total 42,81,606

In 2017-18, the corporation adopted the village Rajjipur-Surajpur and introduced Digi-Goan facilities to elevate the living conditions of the village and generate employement opportunities. Under this regard, HARTRON has managed to do the following:

There are 5 Anganwaris in the villages out of which 4 are functional. Under CSR program, one of the Anganwaris has been renovated.

The renovation of the Computer Lab was done by HARTRON, 30 new computers equipped with furniture were provided.

HS-CIT Course at Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Rajjipur-Surajpur HARTRON entered a MOU to impart online training on HS-CIT Course to the Students of Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rajjipur – Surajpur, District Panchkula as follows:

Course Details Certifying Authority Duration in hours Course fee per learner
HS-CIT IT Literacy Skills BSEH & HKCL 132 1100

4 access points for a WiFi hotspot were created in the village. However, the same has not been adopted much.

Apart from planning to provide Solar LED street lights and solar light & fan at Aganwaris, the corporation has provided solar power back up for a Computer Lab at a school. The prospect of procuring a solar system subsidy is being explored. HAREDA is in talks of empanelment with companies that provide solar equipment, and HARTRON will proceed after closure.

The Corporation had written to Divisional Forest Officer, Pinjore for providing plants and tree guards. The officers of Hartron visited the DFO, Pinjore where the DFO suggested to take up the plantation. Later, the trees were planted by the forest department.

HARTRON associated with Sarthak Foundation, a non-profit organization that is working towards carving out an equal stature for persons with disabilities. The idea is to create equal opportunities and resources for all, Sarthak Trust was given space free of cost at the HARTRON Mult-skill Development Center in Gurugram. 20 Desktops were provided so that training to disabled persons could be imparted. A MoU was entered into with Sarthak Education Trust for a period of 3 years and was again renewed on 27.04.2018 for a period of another three years.

S. No. Training details Total Number
1 No. of Candidates Mobilized 910
2 No. Of Candidates Enrolled 410
3 No. Of Candidates Trained 270
4 No. Of Candidates Placed 128

Hartron under its Skill mission is providing placement-based skill education to women, children, and youth belonging to disadvantaged sections (Persons with disabilities) of society through Sarthak Education Trust. The center is established and operational in October 2015 at Hartron Multi Skill Development Centre (HMSDC), Gurugram. Sarthak Foundation is a non-profit organization and aims towards carving an equal stature for persons with disabilities by providing them a platform wherein, they have equal access to opportunities and resources.

The basic infrastructure in the form of space, furnished classroom and computer lab with other facilities like internet and power backup, etc. is being provided through the Hartron CSR head.

The activity is directed towards enabling PwDs to live their life with dignity and respect through skilling and employment opportunity generation.

Skill Building Program is specially designed as per the needs of people with disability in which people with disability are trained for 2 months in IT/ITES, Organized Retail & Tourism & Hospitality trades, as per the below mentioned phases and then are placed with corporates.

Phase 1: 1 Month – Basic Skill Building Training (Covers: Basic English, Basic Life Skills & Basic IT Computers)

Phase 2: 1 Month – Sector Specific Training – (Focuses on 3 Industries IT/ ITES, Organized Retail & Tourism & Hospitality)

Phase3: 7 Days – Pre Employment Training – (Focuses on Personality Development, Resume Building, and mock Interviews, etc.)

Phase 4: Placement or Job Training.

Employment is a major factor that gives an individual an economic and socially independent life, especially for a person with Disability. The person who is employed, is able to live a life with dignity and respect. They became confident, self-sufficient and more importantly employment regenerates their zest in all phases of life.

Industry representatives are called for interacting and fine-tuning the gaps for placement purposes. To give exposure and practical understanding of particular trades, regular exposure visits are conducted to enhance their confidence for a particular job. Job fairs are conducted from time to time at HMSDC Gurugram where one-to-one interactions with skilled candidates were done for final placements or re-skilling if there is any gap.

Details Of Candidates Trained And Placed So Far:

S. No. Training details Total
1. Candidates Enrolled 1551
2. Candidates Trained 1203
3. Candidates under Training 20
4. Candidates Placed 648

To sensitize parents about various kinds of disabilities, to aware the parents about employment opportunities, services provided by the government for PwD candidates to openly discuss parents queries, needs, issues, etc to address them jointly candidate’s parent’s workshops are conducted to improve acceptance among parents with regard to bringing the PwD persons for special skills for jobs.

In general, a person having a disability feels low in self-confidence and self-esteem either because of their disability or lack of exposure. To enhance their inner strength, counseling and motivational sessions are conducted periodically at the skill center, documentaries on successful persons with disability are shown in the classes and real-life examples of persons with disability and their achievement are discussed with the candidates on regular basis.

Employment is a major factor that gives an individual an economic and socially independent life.  All we are skilled training on computers and soft skills first and then through an assessment specialized skill training as per employability by industry especially for this category of persons are provided which include skills in IT/ITeS, hospitality, retail, etc to get PWD candidates suitably placed. Guest lectures are an important aspect of skill training and employability of the candidates. To give knowledge about various trades and a better understanding of them, time-to-time specialists are invited to deliver talk apart from lectures by Sarthak/HMSDC officers/staff.

Industry representatives are called for interacting and fine-tuning the gaps for placement purposes. To give exposure and practical understanding of particular trades, regular exposure visits are conducted to enhance their confidence for a particular job. Job fairs are conducted from time to time at HMSDC Gurugram where one-to-one interactions with skilled candidates are done.

There are many challenges in providing skill training to PWD candidates. Some of them being faced by HMSDC team are below:

1. To and fro movement of PWD candidates from their place of residence to training centers and bringing their food along with this movement.

2. Mobilization and counseling of parents for skilling their children/wards.

3. Training without residential/hostel facilities near to the skill/training center and to gain the trust and confidence of parents and candidates that they will be safe and comfortable. To address the main issue of mobility and food faced by PWD when they have to come far from to the training centre, HMSDC Gurugram approached NSDC for support under some special categories where State Government is already extending its training facilities.
NSDC high-level team lead by their MD and COO visited HMSDC Gurugram and convinced Centre Government to support the cause to mete out challenges faced by PWD candidates at HMSDC, Gurugram. This led to being granted financial aid for skill training 240 candidates (Flag-D) with the hostel
facilities under different job roles which include specialization in housekeeping retail sales, food beverages in addition to other skills towards digital inclusion and personality development.

On 24 th  Nov 2017, Hon`ble Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt of India along with a team of senior officers from NSDC  formally inaugurated this scheme at HMSDC Gurugram. With this, a new batch of 36 candidates from different districts i.e. Bhiwani, Mahendargarh, Gurugram, Rewari, Meerut, Sikar, Jaipur,  Deoria, Mathura, etc immediately started. With the financial support of NSDC for hostel facilities, the strength of candidates is increasing and in the coming days, this Center can be established at the Center of excellence for skill training PWD candidates.

This will create more opportunities for skilled PWD candidates and increase employment/placement in Haryana thereby creating a wholesome job ecosystem in the State of Haryana.

It was informed to the Sub Committee that CSC SPV has launched a scheme to set up a manufacturing unit for “Sanitary Napkins” at a very low cost and distribute them amongst the rural women/girls.  The tentative cost of machinery and raw material for 50,000 sanitary napkins is INR 2,94,041/-.This scheme is offered by CSC-SPV to VLEs of CSC in the country.  The CSC-SPV has adopted this scheme under SWABHIMAAN Project of Govt. of India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The idea behind the scheme is for Empowerment of Women and to provide them a Healthy and Hygiene living environment.

Keeping in view the noble cause, the committee is of the view that Corporation may take up this project at village Rajjipur and set up the Sanitary Napkins manufacturing plant with the help of local women. The total expenses to carry out production shall be borne by the Corporation.  The sanitary napkins shall be distributed free of cost to village girls/women, students and other beneficiaries. Basis approvals, the project will be launched at the earliest.

Below is a table of the Work Undertaken:

Sr. No Work Order Amount
1. Civil Work, Renovating Basket Ball court and assembly stage, renovation of anganwadis 5,06,878
2 Wi-fi hotspot, Work order for wi-fi hotspot at Village Rajjipur- Surajpur dated 28.03.2018. 3,63,440
3. Computer lab at Sr. Secondary School, Rajjipur
Lease line connectivity 49,000
Purchase of computers 13,15,500
Furniture provided in computer 48,424
LED TV 48’’ 49,000
CCTV Cameras 12,000
Laser Printer Mono Chromo 5,002
Headphones 29,940
MoU with HKCL has been signed for providing HSCIT course @ Rs. 1100 per learner. 2,00,000
4. Project Swabhiman
Establishment of Sanitary Napkins plant at Village Rajjipur-Surajpur dated 28.03.2018 2,94,041
Salary or workers 43,500
5. Engagement of Manager @ Rs. 5000 for 6 months 30,000
6. Misc. purchase 7,520
Total amount utilized 29,54,245

(b) Below is a table of the Work Undertaken:

Sr. No Work Order Amount
      1. Proposed Solar Plant in the school and solar lights in the village is under process. 4,50,000
      2. Open Gym 2,00,000
      3. Water cooler with RO at school 25,000
      4. 3  KW Solar plant 1,35,000
      5. 1 KW Solar plant at Anganwadi 2,25,000
      6. Solar LED Street lights 2,00,000
      7. Solar lights for Anganwadi 5,000
      8. Solar Fans for Anganwadi 7,500
      9. R.O Water purifier at Anganwadi 45,000
     10. Dustbins 20,000
     11. Plants 10,000
     12. Plant maintenance 24,000
     13. Banners, Hoardings 20,000
Total amount utilized 13,66,500

Total amount A+B= Rs. 43,20,745