In the fast-paced world of today, the digital consumer is both demanding and articulate. He/she has the power to influence your brand image. To succeed in the digital marketplace, enterprises are leaving no stone unturned to ensure they are able to build long-term productive relationships with all their customers.

In such a scenario, a holistic digital marketing solution becomes vital for a successful corporate strategy. HARTRON’s comprehensive digital marketing solution helps enterprises engage with customers across various demographics and provides relevant feedback. We believe in influencing the opinions of customers and constantly strive to gain actionable insights.

Enterprises looking for effectiveness in their digital marketing efforts need not look any further as we provide end-to-end solutions. Our team directly works with CMOs to ensure that we leverage the numerous channels for consumer engagement. Simultaneously, we strive to profitably harness the explosion of data while increasing the ROI of the digital marketing efforts.


HARTRON offers a wide array of Marketing Operations Services including the development, support, and enhancement of Digital Marketing platforms. We also help run Digital Marketing Operations across the product/service life cycle that includes Application Change Management, Release Management, and Migration Management. Additionally, we provide technical services such as digital production, digital content management, and digital assets management.

Our efforts are guided towards generating buzz worthy content that is in line with the business requirements of the client. We conceptualize and manage compelling content that not only engages but also influences the end customers. By providing highly personalized content across various channels, HARTRON transforms customer touch points to engaging journeys.

By providing a unified view of the customer, HARTRON ensures enhanced campaign effectiveness and efficiency. We design, execute, and monitor multi-channel campaigns and provide valuable insights on consumer buying behaviors that positively impact business outcomes.

HARTRON derives real-time actionable insights from analyzing customer behavior by:

– Undertaking Analytics Audit

– Recognizing KPIs that map to the business goals including click to conversion, CTR, etc.

– Implementing analytics by collating from various enterprise systems (Web and mobile channel, CRM, ERP, and other transaction systems)

– Providing complete customer profiling, tracking visitor behaviour, observing trends and their impact on business metrics in real-time.

HARTRON helps identify, monitor, segment, and reward desirable customer behavior. We also develop engaging Social content and make full use of Social Media Services. Thereby, we leverage social analytics to gain insights into customer preferences.

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