Instrument Design Development & Facilities Centre (IDDC), an R & D center of HARTRON provide various facilities for the development of optical/mechanical precision components, Subassemblies and Instruments, Testing and Calibration of scientific instruments, specialized skill training for manufacturing & quality maintenance of scientific instruments to Scientific Industry of Ambala and nearby region.

what we offer

 Fabrication of precision optical components.

 Testing of optical parameters & optical instruments as per BIS Specifications for Optical Industries.

 Calibration of Optical Measuring Instruments.

 Skill training in fabrication & inspection of Optical Instruments.

Skill training in the area of workshop manufacturing techniques, assembly and testing of Scientific Instrument Assemblies.

 Testing of Electrical & Electronic product as per BIS/DGS&D specifications.

 Calibration of Electrical & Electronic instruments as per standard specification.

 Training to technical students in Test & Calibration of Instruments.


 Skill training in the field of Basic Electrical & Electronics for better employment opportunities.

Skill training to Defence personnel in the field of Electrical & Electronics through Directorate General of Resettled Armed Force, Government of India, New Delhi.

Technical Entrepreneurship training in the field of electrical, electronic & opto-Mechanical Instrumentation.

Commercial training in the field of Basic computer education.



Hartron is engaged in generation of energy bills for five circles of UHBVN ( Ambala, Karnal, Panipat, Kaithal & Sonepat ) with about 11 lakh consumers and all seven circles of DHBVN with 18 lakh consumers. The energy bills of various categories of consumers for Domestic /Non-Domestic, Industry and Agriculture etc are being generated. The energy bills for Domestic/Non-Domestic consumers are generated bi-monthly, Agriculture four monthly and other categories on monthly basis.

Further, To integrate the existing billing system with the proposed IT initiative of the State Government for providing better E-Governance services to the consumers and for effective & efficient management of the project at multiple locations, RDBMS based online energy billing application software has been implemented. The system can provide multiple advantages/benefits to the consumers, user agencies at various levels as briefly summarized below:


–  Online view of power consumption & energy bills.

–  Online view of payments made & pending dues.

– Making online payment through credit/debit cards & cash counters.

–  Request for E-bill.

– SMS/Mail Alert for bill amount & payment due date.

– SMS/Mail Alert for payment received.

– SMS/Mail alert for defaulters.

– Printing of duplicate bills.


– To provide better citizen centric services & complete transparency in the system.

– Complete automation of bill generation, payment collection, consolidation and MIS.

– Dynamic report generation based on multiple parameters.

– Resourceful study of the energy accountancy to the agencies.

– Category-wise data segregation facility for better revenue management.

– Data portability & inherit advantages of RDBMS.

– To review & manage the performance of any of the field office.

– Minimal dependency on external associated service providers.