HARTRON Services empowers the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of any organization to deal with the growing cyber threats judiciously. Our disruptive security technology ensures customer confidence in a boundaryless digital environment. HARTRON completely recognizes the challenges faced by the modern CISO. We endeavor to be the pioneers in creating solutions that convert security from an encumbrance to a business facilitator.


There has been widespread adoption of modernization, automation, cloud, and digital transformation in recent times. In today’s day and age, identity and access management (IAM) have become a necessity for enterprises.

Administering modern identity security requirements has become increasingly challenging using traditional methods. For managing a plethora of identities, both internal and external, it has become pivotal to rely on only the most reliable and proven sources. HARTRON has catalyzed the much-needed agility and innovation in this space. Our identity security services stimulate business transformation. We provide enterprises a secure way of managing their privileges, identity landscape, and integration between entities.

It has become extremely challenging to detect security threats as the threat actors are employing newfangled strategies to break into the enterprise network. HARTRON protects the environment from such compromises by bringing in worldwide intelligence and sophisticated technologies. Our enhanced visibility ensures that all blind spots are eliminated. Traditional approaches to Security Operations Centers have become outdated and inadequate. HARTRON provides next-gen security threat management services that are armed with rapid detection and response capabilities, robust processes, and state-of-the-art technologies. We help businesses expertly maximize data protection capabilities by diminishing the growing threat risks.

Most organisations today are altering the application architecture from the traditional ‘on-premise to cloud-native or hybrid environment. With the increased use of IoT devices, open-source coding, APIs, and mobile-based operations, the journey has become quite challenging and competitive. Attack vulnerability has risen considerably, resulting in innumerable breaches across the entire application layer

Implementing advanced solutions requires relooking the basics and assessing the controls. Protecting the core is one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises today. HARTRON’s infrastructure security services ensure this no longer remains a challenge. Strictly aligned to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, our Infrastructure Security services offer strong protection controls.

One of the key focus areas of regulators and organizations is tightening privacy requirements and ensuring data protection. Any loss or breach of business-critical data can cause irreversible damage and severely affect the very viability of the organization. HARTRON’s plethora of Data Security services includes encryption, data leakage protection, tokenization, and masking. Through these we protect data in motion, at rest, on-premise, on cloud and mobile.

To ensure full visibility of its security program, it is important for an enterprise to have a pragmatic approach. In addition to giving access to the latest technologies, HARTRON also ensures there is compliance with all the mandatory obligations. We strictly adhere to a risk-based approach for the optimum utilization of your security budget.

HARTRON’s experienced and highly trained specialists help in addressing the widely prevalent cybersecurity skills shortage. Our Cyber Security Support as a Service offers all-around flexibility to scale based on the specific needs of the business. We provide capability as a service that helps in:

– Addressing the talent shortage

– Achieving round the clock security operations

– Ensuring resiliency and service continuity

– Optimizing cost that in turn helps businesses reinvest their savings to improve overall security

With HARTRON, be rest assured of achieving these goals without ever losing control over your security operations. Free your experts and enable them to focus on other niche areas.

HARTRON’s Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) service is designed to analyze advanced threats and malware, investigate incidents at speed, and respond with short-term containment and long-term preventive strategies. We provide exhaustive forensics investigation of all digital analysis assets and gather evidence on malicious activities

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