HARTRON offers convenient, analytical, and reliable IT outsourcing services for a plethora of organizations. By optimizing the existing IT estates, we help customers save more. Having innovation at its forefront, HARTRON shares a clear path for customers to move large fragments of their IT to the cloud seamlessly.


One of the biggest challenges for IT leaders today is that they are torn between the growing demands of end users and the need of the enterprise to control costs. While end users want alternatives to where and how they work, providing them with the same can be quite a tedious task.

HARTRON’s services can help achieve the right balance by providing a fantastic network infrastructure. Users are always thrilled with a pleasing work environment.

As more and more companies make the switch to a hybrid cloud, the methodologies of deploying network infrastructure also must constantly evolve. Whether it’s to a hosted location, public cloud, or enterprise-owned data center, the emerging world demands next-gen, cutting-edge connectivity. HARTRON promises to provide exactly that.

We deliver expertly Managed Midrange Services. These help in reducing the operational expenses of aging technology and ensure the smooth transition to the latest, business-building technologies.

HARTRON also provides remarkable colocation services. Our consumers rest easy as they house their IT equipment in our data center facilities with tight security. Furthermore, HARTRON’s regular assessments, planning, and advice help our customers meet their business objectives efficiently.

HARTRON’s Business Continuity Services can enable your enterprise to build its brand image in a short period of time. By mitigating business risk, protecting your orders and revenue, we strive to help you expand your market share.

Even in extreme situations such as catastrophes and disasters, HARTRON will ensure your core business processes are not severely affected.

Our team of experts will help you plan well in advance for the unexpected. In the event of an unfortunate disaster, complete assistance is provided for recovering enterprise IT data, infrastructure, workplace environments, and applications to our HARTRON recovery centers. Our Business Continuity Services champion complex environments with ease.

HARTRON’s storage solutions transcend business needs. Exploit the value of data by matching application workloads to our storage solutions.

We provide a wide array of storage and backup services which are capable of successful backup and recovery of each type of data. HARTRON’s Data Platform has a data-centric architecture and provides anytime-anywhere access to data with complete protection and unmatched performance.

HARTRON’s Storage as a service is a fully managed service for file, object, and block storage demands.

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The move to modernization for your enterprise can be done with our Application services. Park your funds for IT development that your users are looking for. Now is the best time for a complete overhaul. Shift your valuable IT spend from outdated systems to HARTRON’s state-of-the-art modern systems. Transform into a digital, secure, and data-driven enterprise with our expertise.